Earlier this week Volkswagen presented an updated version of Passat, their second most important model, judging by the number of units sold. Refreshed version of the car is soon going to reach 30 million cars, while the upcoming car is also going to be the first to offer partially autonomous ride.

Just like the predecessor, the new Passat is also going to be available in a GTE version, thus as a plug-in hybrid. And all the details about the car are already here. Again, it will be available either as a sedan or estate form.

Cars are going to be equipped with a battery pack, providing 13 kWh of energy. It will be sufficient to last for up to 55 kilometers on electricity alone. Under the hood, a combination of petrol engine and electric motor is going to provide 160 kilowatts of power.

Whereas regular Passat is going to be put for sale in May (and on some markets in August), there are no information about the arrival of GTE version. Most likely it will arrive later in the year.

Feb. 8, 2019 Driving photo: VW

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