Dust has settled over this year’s Dakar rally. Just two weeks ago, drivers ended their first legendary rally on Arabic peninsula and by now, they have managed to return home, collect their thoughts and even make some video clips and such. Among them was also Ken Block. While not competing officially, he was there on behalf of Extreme E, which brought there their electric off/road racecar, the Extreme E-SUV Odyssey 21.

Ken, however did not finish the whole rally, but merely raced on the last stage of the rally. It was, he admitted, still quite a big moment for him, as this was the first time ever for him driving an electric racecar. “My whole career’s been spent driving combustion-engined cars with turbochargers – the type of driving there with left-foot braking and the spool of the turbo to try and get drive out of corners is entirely different.  Here, you can be more progressive with the throttle and wait a little longer because the torque is there the second you get on the throttle – the thing just wants to leap forward. I have to tone down my style a little as the car reacts so quickly and the power delivery is so fast.”

The whole thing thou was not only about being at Dakar. It was also a publicity stunt with which they were promoting the upcoming new racing series. This will be from next year backed by father of Formula E, Alejandro Agag with all the racers driving the same Extreme E-SUV Odyssey 21 cars. One question still remains: is Ken Block now planning to present Extreme E-SUV Odyssey 21 In Ghymkhana series? Would be interesting.

Feb. 4, 2020 Driving photo: Extreme-e

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