It is going to be guided by a new plan called Grip 2025+.

Volkswagen may be preparing itself for evolution in the field of electric cars, but that does not mean, they will only focus on regular cars. Instead, the field of commercial vehicles will get a major overhaul, thanks to a new strategic plan, that is going to cover most of strategic decisions of the brand until 2025.

GRIP 2025+ is the name of this plan, which is worth over 1.8 billion euros or more than two billion dollars. This amount of money, however will not only cover the costs of developing new cars but also conversion of plants, where cars are going to be: either Volkswagens or Fords, since they are in the future going to be jointly built. This will also help the brand when facing with climate changes, digitalization and new mobility services.

Volkswagen has announced its decision after revealing second best yearly results; profit was only slightly smaller than a year before, thanks to problems with adapting on WLTP. Operating profit was thus 780 euros. On the other hand, sale of commercial vehicles went past 500.000 vehicles which is more than ever before.

While program GRIP 2025+ is going to take of any time now, we cannot expect a new car any time soon. The first fully electric Volkswagen commercial vehicle is going to be (quite fittingly) a tribute to legendary VW Bus; I.D. Buzz "The ID. BUZZ is certainly the most important product of the coming year," says Thomas Sedran." At the same time, it is a symbol of the brand's future: zero emissions, extremely innovative and very emotional. The next generation Bulli will also come from our main plant. Love is back!" said Thomas Sedran, Chairman of the Board for the VWCV brand

April 1, 2019 Driving photo: Volkswagen

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