After finally presenting it in its final form, Volkswagen is now well and trully on the way to make the new ID.3 on of the best selling, if not the best selling car in it's segment; among electric cars. Of course, just like with any other car and product one of the key elements, when it comes to selling is commercial strategy and since ID.3 is quite a step forward, when it comes to cars, so is its commercial something special.

In fact, Volkswagen is not advertising just the car. Sure, the main focus is on ID.3, but when it comes to it, we also get to see all the new technologies, needed to charge the car like fast chargers and wall-boxes. After all, Volkswagen is one of the partners of Ionity, a network of chargers, spreading around Europe, which is about to become the biggest competition to Tesla's chargers.

“Now you can experience the future” is the title of the commercial, which is the last in the series of commercials aiming to promote electric mobility and the first, in which an actual cars, ID.3 has been revealed. Also interesting to notice, for those who have not seen the car yet, is the fact, that it is quite familiar, compared to current Volkswagen line up, in particular the steering wheel, meaning owners of 'classic' VW's will not have problems adapting to the car.

Sept. 16, 2019 Driving

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