A year before the start of the production of Volkswagen's first electric car, the director of the Volkswagen Group, Herbert Diess, in the company of the directors of thirty suppliers, published details of the electrical offensive that will begin with the launch of Volkswagen I.D. in a year time and will be the biggest expansion of the electric car program so far.

The Volkswagen group, next to Volkswagen also Audi, Škoda and Seat, intends to produce around 15 million electric cars in the first wave, which is five million more than they originally planned. In the expansion of the electric program, more than 11 billion euro will be invested by 2023, and the money invested will be distributed among the development of e-mobility, digitization, driving autonomy and new mobility services. More than nine billion euros will be devoted to the development of cars from the electric group I.D.

 At the presentation of the program, Herbert Diess was joined by thirty directors of companies who joined the development of electric cars as component suppliers, designers and technology developers much earlier than it is usually the case in the automotive industry. As they said at Volkswagen, the electric program redefined cooperation with suppliers and they asked them for advice on how to make electric cars as good and efficient as possible. With this, they also formulate a benchmark for how to achieve the transition to the mobility of the future and adapt to the complex transformation that it requires.

Volkswagen's leaders say they want to get electric cars closer to as many drivers as possible and achieve a breakthrough. With the I.D. family, they will set off a new generation of cars after 2020, which will optimally take advantage of the benefits of electric mobility. Among other things, their cars will provide great reach, spacious cabins, dynamic driving characteristics and a whole new level of digital connectivity. They also emphasized that by the year 2025, production will raise one million electric cars annually.


Dec. 7, 2018 Driving photo: Volkswagen
id vw

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