After months of waiting, final run to 'Heaven's gate' has now been pulled off.

One by one; that is how speed records are falling one after another. First it was Pikes Peak, then Goodwood all-electric record in Nürburgring, now there road on Tianmen Mountain from the bottom right to the Heaven’s Gate. If you are taking notice about this stuff, then you probably know, that we are here talking about Volkswagen and its electric racing prototype, one of the best promoters of electric cars, ID.R.

After announcing it for quite a while, Volkswagen has now at last pulled of the record-breaking drive. Romain Dumas, probably the one driver, who by now knows best, how the car handles has managed to beat the 10.906 kilometers long road with no less than 99 corners in just 7:38.585. To compare: Range Rover Sport SVR, previous record holder (which beat Ferrari 458 for no less than 40 seconds) managed to finish the course more than two minutes slower in 9:51.0.

ID.R’s latest record run – which can be seen in the embedded video above, has also been car fourth record run in three continents. This means, that they are halfway on the road to make a record run on each continent – apart from Arctic. So, the only question now remains: where to next?

Oct. 14, 2019 Driving photo: Volkswagen

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