It managed to break a 20-years old record, set by Nick Heidfeld.

Volkswagen ID.R is quite an interesting piece of machinery. While it may not be a part of any specific racing series, it is still one of the fastest cars out there, which has now been proven numerous times on very different racetracks. For instance, it has become an overall winner on last year’s Pikes Peak hill climb with all-time record. After that and not too long ago, it has set the fastest time for electric cars on the famous ‘Ring. Now, another important track has been conquered.

ID.R was one of the guests at the annual Festival of Speed at Goodwood of which the main part is a hill climb, a category at which it is particularly good. After all, it managed to beat the whole competition and on top of that to break a 20 years old record, set by Nick Heidfeld in McLaren MP4/13 formula 1 race car. The latter managed to get to finish in 41,60 seconds, 0,42 slower than Romain Dumas, who has now added another record to his collection.

“The Goodwood Festival of Speed Hillclimb is one of the most iconic Hillclimbs in the world. The track is so narrow and difficult to master, with zero room for error. Dumas and the whole Volkswagen team performed flawlessly to set the record,” said Director Sven Smeets from Volkswagen Motorsport division.

For ID.R this has been the second time in Godwood, since visitors were able to see it also last year and while it was far from any records in still managed to win with the time 43,86 second. This year’s thus showed also the importance of aerodynamics.

July 7, 2019 Driving photo: Volkswagen

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