First chargers are going to be set in Wolfsburg as a part of pilot project.

While more or less every major car manufacturer already offers at least one electric car, they are still very much rare sight on the road. This has a lot to do with a lack of charging stations all around the world. However, it looks like Volkswagen has a solution, that will help to solve this and few other problems. Interesting thou, it seeks inspiration in technology of mobile phones.

What Volkswagen presented today is in term a portable power bank for cars, a flexible charging station, that is going to help with charging electric cars anywhere need. Thanks to its capacity of 360 kwh, it is going to be able to charge up to 30 cars before being depleted. On average it should need only some 17 minutes to recharge car's battery.

Thomas Schmall, Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen Group Components, says: “The mobile charging stations are a decisive step toward an efficient network of charging points. They can be set up anywhere as required – with or without connection to the power supply. This flexibility enables a completely new approach for the rapid expansion of the charging infrastructure. Cities can, for example, find out the most suitable places for a permanent charging point before making major investments in developing the network. In addition, it will be possible to set up a large number of charging stations temporarily – exactly when and where they are needed.”

Volkswagen's portable charging station is however more than just that. When plugged into 30 kilowatt power source, it works as a regular charger. Even more, it can also be plugged directly to solar or wind power station, meaning that need for transporting the electricity is eliminated.

Dec. 27, 2018 Driving photo: VW

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