Also, it is planning to start production of their biggest battery pack before the end of this year.

Some time ago, Volkswagen (although hidden under a camouflage foil) revealed a highly anticipated first car of a family of electric vehicles, ID.3. However, even though the prototype was cloaked, Volkswagen revealed most of the technical details of the new car. Well, that's understandable, given that the same day they started collecting orders. At the same time, they revealed that the car would be available with battery packs of three capacity, with the one with a mean capacity of 420 kilometres available first.

Well, it looks like the biggest one will also be available soon. Volkswagen will start production of a battery pack with a capability 550 kilometres soon after the construction of the 'medium version'. This assembly will, of course, also be available in the incoming ID family vehicle and one will also be able to power it on fast chargers with power output of up to 125 kilowatts, which means that  battery pack will be charged fotup to 260 kilometres of autonomy within 30 minutes.

On top of that, Volkswagen also released an information regarding the warranty on all thre battery packs, for most efficient, with a range of 550 kilometres, and for the weaker ones, with a range of 420 kilometres or 330 kilometres respectively. The Volkswagen will thus ensure that the battery pack capacity does not fall below 70 per cent of the useful capacity of the new battery pack for eight years or up to 160,000 kilometres.

June 19, 2019 Driving photo: Volkswagen

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