With I.D. BUDD-e concept revealed at Detroit Auto Show, Volkswagen introduced the final version of its new modular MEB architecture for electric vehicles, which will be made available to other car brands as well.

According to VW development chief Frank Welsch, other VW Group brands also expressed a large interest to build their own EVs from the modular platform, adding that more than half of all the models planned on this architecture are not Volkswagens.

VW Group's Skoda unit reportedly plans to develop at least five electrified models including EVs and plug-ins by 2025. They are still unsure which type of the new vehicle will be launched first - the hybrid or the electric car.

By 2020, Volkswagen plans to introduce its first purpose-built series EV, which will be a Golf-sized hatchback, reportedly based on the I.D. concept as seen at the Paris Auto Show last October. It is however now yet certain, whether the brand will keep the ''I.D." naming of the upcoming car, or will it remain as suggested with the concept. Following hatchback, there will also be the electric SUV, with its concept version likely to be revelaed in Shangahi in April. The production model will probably be based on I.D. Buzz electric van concept from Detroit.

The MEB platform is set to appear in the new generations of electrified Golf, Tiguan and Passat, it will not, however, serve as the basis for luxury models from Audi and Porsche, as both of these two automakers are currently developing their own platform for future electric cars.

Jan. 26, 2017 Driving photo: Volkswagen

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