It is also a proof that Volkswagen is trying to become ever so green.

Volkswagen is one of those manufacturers, which is not focusing just on clean cars and their exhausts (or elimination of them) or more likely lack of them entirely, but also to their clean production. In fact plant at Wickau is without any doubt one of the most developed in the world and is constantly getting updated. But there is yet another one, which has recently been acknowledged as being one of the cleanest.

Actually, Volkswagen's main plant, sitting in the town of Wolfsburg has just recently been given an award called Lean&Green Management award, which has been, especially in Germany. Recognized as one of the most important in this field. It is given to selected companies once per year with Volkswagen winning in competition of more than 250 countries from 10 different states.

"We are proud that our persistent work has been successful in saving resources and that we have been awarded the prestigious 'Lean & Green Management Award'," said Stefan Loth, Plant Manager of Volkswagen's Wolfsburg plant. "At the Wolfsburg location, we prove that efficient vehicle production and conserving resources at the same time is not only possible, but makes sense. For the production also carries an ecological responsibility. The deliberate use of raw materials and energy plays a key role in our environmental commitment."

Oct. 1, 2019 Driving photo: Volkswagen

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