You need two things: cleaner cars and cleaner factories.

Volkswagen has recently been quite active in Europe in the field of e-mobility, but that is not much compared to all the efforts, Volkswagen is putting in this field in China. In fact, German brand is planning to become the number one car brand in China when it comes to electric cars and plans on how to achieve that has now been presented by VW CEO, Herbert Diess himself.

Diess has been one of the speakers at World New Energy Vehicle Congress (WNEVC) in the southern Chinese city of Boao, the first such congress in the history. The place of the event has not been chosen randomly as Boao Consensus foresees e-cars accounting for 50% of annual global car sales by 2035 an Volkswagen surely wants to be a part of that. "China also relies on emission-free mobility under its clear commitment to the goals of Paris. In this transformation, we are playing a key role in providing a comprehensive range of e-vehicles and strengthening the private charging infrastructure," said Diess in his speech.

In order to do so, Volkswagen is planning to produce some 11,6 new electric cars in China alone and all that before 2028. In fact, Volkswagen plant in Foshan, which will go into work next year in going to be able to produce 600.000 e-cars per year alone. Adding to that, there are also some cars from JAC and Seat going to be made.

However, clean cars are just part of the solution, whereas big inappropriate facilities are still the problem. That is why Volkswagen an partner companies are going to further improve production and make it cleaner.

July 2, 2019 Driving photo: Volkswagen

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