Companies have made an agreement days after failed marrige between Renault and Waymo's other partner, FCA. 

A young American company called Waymo, which is has been backed up by an internet giant Google is already well established in the coversions and development of autonomous cars. So far, the company has worked to a large extent with Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles, and it appears that it will soon also be expanding into Europe and Japan. The new partnership has been confirmed and the alliance has been formed with the Nissan-Renault, which is a rather interesting move in the light of the recent failed merger of Fiat, Renault and all the other related companies into one whole.

All parties have thus signed an agreement according to which Nissan and Renault will help Waymo in breaking into Europe and Japan. At Waymo, they have also pointed out the advantage of Renault, and the Nissan in the fact that both sides are already present in virtually all car segments, which will result in a possible relationship. At this point though, no car production is planned yet.

"This is an ideal opportunity for Waymo to bring our autonomous technology to a global stage, with an innovative partner. With the Alliance’s international reach and scale, our Waymo Driver can deliver transformational mobility solutions to safely serve riders and commercial deliveries in France, Japan, and other countries," said John Krafcik, Waymo CEO. 

June 20, 2019 Driving photo: Renault

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