Tesla Motors is expected to unveil the eagerly-awaited Model 3, with its production scheduled to begin in late 2017.

Immediately after the live unveiling at 8:30pm PT, customers will be able to make a reservation of Model 3. On March 31, Tesla Motors will begin taking reservation payments in the amount of 1,000 EUR from European customers, 1,000 GBP from the British, 1,000 CHF from the Swiss and 1,000 USD from the American customers. 

There will be two ways of making a reservation. Customers are invited to either visit their local Tesla store when it opens on March 31, or they can make their reservation online at Tesla.com. A different queue will be formed for each region and as a sign of gratitude, exisitng Tesla owners will get priority in each region. In other words, the fastest and most sure way of securing a Model 3 on pre-order is to already own or buy Tesla Model S or Model X.

After production begins, Tesla Motors will begin deliveries in North America starting on the West Coast, moving east.

March 23, 2016 Driving photo: Tesla Motors

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