Tesla is now offeraing their Performance upgrade on Model 3 with no charge.

Tesla Model 3 is considered by the Tesla as their entry-level electric car for the masses. Consequently, its production numbers are growing higher and higher as the company has managed to produces almost 112.000 since the beginning of production in August 2017, reaching the weekly production of almost 5.000 cars. After all, the base price of the car is only 36.000 dollars, but this can rise very quickly.

And it can rise quite a lot, even by around 100 percent with all the extras included. It is only a welcoming news then, that Tesla have now decided to introduce a substantial discount on a Performance Upgrade of the car. Performance Upgrade was previously available with top off the line versions of Model 3 and was charged additional 5.000 dollars over the ‘base’ price of 64.000 dollars. Now, extras like Dual Motor all-wheel drive, carbon-fiber spoiler among other sweets are going to be included with no extra costs.

Still, there are some extras left on the list of options including the priciest ones like red multi-coat paint, black and white premium interior and enhanced autopilot, that can set you back for additional 8.500 dollars, raising the price well over 70.000 dollars. But then again it is something, worth mentioning.

Oct. 29, 2018 Driving photo: Tesla

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