Tesla's German factory will be growing in a short time, and the German media has already found information on who will indirectly finance it. It looks like the FCA group.

As early as last year Tesla and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) agreed that FCA could include Tesla products sold in Europe in its fleet to calculate CO2 emissions and thus prevent the payment of million of euros in fines. This is because, from this year in the EU penalize car manufacturers, who will not achieve the prescribed targets on the average CO2 emissions (95 grams per kilometre). The FCA will not be able to reach such averages this year without foreign aid. They have therefore benefited from an addition in EU regulations which allows manufacturers to be brought together in Open links with regard to the calculation of the average CO2.

When this connection was agreed between FCA and Tesla, it was not known exactly what compensation the Italian-American group would pay to the largest electric car manufacturer. The Bloomberg Press Agency obtained the calculation, where they calculated that over the next three years, FCA would transfer approximately EUR 1.8 billion to Teslin's account. Considering Tesla just opened a Chinese factory in Shanghai, for which it has invested about two billion dollars, so it looks like Tesla's plant in Brandenburg, Germany, is going to be taken care by Fiat-Chrysler.

As reported by the British Financial Times, Tesla has already made links to calculate the average CO2 emissions with various manufacturers on the US market. In particular, General Motors and Chrysler participated in this and Tesla received almost two billion dollars in compensation in the years 2010 to 2018.

Jan. 16, 2020 Driving photo: Tesla

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