British comapny has thus entered in a whole new sport

Few days ago, we have reported about the upcoming series of electric racing, the Extreme E series of off rad series, which should kick off early in 2021. Some quite important steps and progress has been made in recent days in the field of bringing the series to life, including announcing the manufacturer of racecars, who is going to bring all the cars together with them being fully prepared in spring next year.

Today, they have announced another important news: that they have also decided to start cooperating with Williams Advanced Engineering, British company that has been a household name in Formula one is going to provide electric batteries. Battery packs will be quite similar to those being used from first to forth season of Formula E.

“When starting a new project like Extreme E, it’s important to build a strong foundation of partners with motorsport pedigree. With Williams Advanced Engineering we have a partner with a proven track record -across a number of disciplines and industries-and Formula E in particular, where they delivered high-performance, efficient and reliable batteries. Racing in remote and extreme environments is a different challenge altogether and I’m excited to team-up with Williams once again to bring Extreme E to life, ” said Alejandro  after the agreement,

Now for some technical data. Also a bit with a help of batteries cars will have some 570 kilowatts of power to offer. Battery pack on the other hand is going to provide 56 kilowatts hours.; again, like the ones from Formula E, series.

May 1, 2019 Driving photo: Williams

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