Jaguar has without any doubt made a right decision to introduce and produce an I-Pace SUV. Not only has the car from release last year won several noticable awards such as Europe Car of the Year or German Car of the year but it also gaining on popularity and achieving records month after month. And March was no different.

British company has managed to sell 2.044 cars in March alone, which is on point with their previous month, December 2018. Moreover, mentioned car is now presenting 8,4 percent of total sale of the brand, but this share has with 15 percent in november also higher. So far, Jaguar has managed to sell just shy from 12.000 cars, albeit serious sale has started in July.

Mentioned results also encouraged to work and think green Jaguar's staff and think about duch vehicles. One of them for instance is no other than Jaguar's Ceo of design, who confirmed they are working on new battery-driven cars. In fact, he has yet again confirmed information, that Jaguar is about to present electric vehicle every year starting frim 2020. 

April 20, 2019 Driving photo: Jaguar

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