During the during the 42nd G7 Summit in Ise-Shima that took place end of May, Toyota presented its newly developed automated driving system.

The G7 attendees were able to test Lexus LS with Toyota's new mobile assistant "Urban Teammate". The high class sedan was able to drive completely autonomously, using the latest automated driving system technique.

"Urban Teammate", already introduced in October 2015, the Japanese carmaker upgraded its earlier version autonomous driving system "Highway Teammate", which made it possible to drive autonomously on the highways. "Urban Teammate" is taking a step further by being able to detect passengers, bicycles and obstacles in and around the vehicle. It is also able to recognize and adapt to local traffic situation with all its traffic lights and junctions. It uses not only digital maps from the navigational system, but also GPS, various cameras and high-resolution laser radar technology for environment mapping and recognition.

"Urban Teammate" is not yet as agile and dependable in more complex traffic environments as the company would want, so it's still being constantly updated. Improvements are also done using AI technologies.  

Upcoming navigational systems will be, for example, using "COSMIC", an automated spatial information generation technology to create the high-precision maps necessary for automated driving.

June 16, 2016 Driving photo: Toyota

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