Price: 141.000 euros all over Europe. Yes, before taxes.

Bentley is certainly not a brand, one would consider being very environmentally friendly, given the size of its cars and engines in particular. On the other hand, it is a part of VW group so it has access to electric and hybrid technologies; which they are going to take advantage of. In fact, first such car – an SUV called Bentayga that is – has now finally hit the market with Bentley having some high expectations when speaking about sales numbers.

In fact, Bentley is claiming that the car is the first luxury plug-in hybrid SUV. While this may be questionable because of Porsche’s Cayenne plug-in, it certainly is an important step for the brand as it once more proves, that electricity can be combined with luxury. In fact Bentayga is just the first step on the road to present the first fully electric Bentley, an entirely new model, which is going to be revealed by 2023.

While we are being used of V12’s and V8’s under Bentley’s bonnet, in the engine bay, British engineers have made another step down and used only a V6 as a core for plug-in Bentayga. Next to, it is a 94-kilowatt electric motor, which also serves as a power generator and provides 94 kilowatts of electric energy. While this may not seem much, benefits are substantial. Such Bentayga will be able to drive 39 only on electricity, while also achieving 79 grams of CO2 exhaust per every kilometer-much less than any average family car.

Sept. 29, 2019 Driving photo: Bentley

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