They made a revenge to drivers, who use their charging points as parking spots.

Owners of electric cars know all too well, that drivers of ICE-driven cars can quite regularly take the parking spots that also serve – and are in fact dedicated to be used by - electric cars. It is like blocking a gas station for petrol- or diesel-driven cars. So, as a revenge, this is exactly what a group of Croatian drivers of electric cars decided to do on a petrol station in Zagreb.

A group of more than 10 cars of different brands has gathered and totally blocked the driveway of Ina’s petrol station. They have taken over the station for about six minutes before leaving the place. The whole ‘guerilla’ action was also filmed by EV and Tesla enthusiast Igor Kolovrat, who also commented the whole situation on Facebook:

“Revenge of the Electric Car! This is how it looks when you have no other solution to emphasize the problem of blocking charging stations for EVs than to block gas station with electric vehicles. The performance lasted 6 minutes and it was not our intention to harass anyone but to point out the fact that electric vehicles are here, and their positive impact on society.”

Dec. 11, 2019 Driving photo: Facebook: Igor Kolovrat

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