The company is betting on good performances and reasonable price, combined with, what they say is "market-leading finance solution in place".

Electrification in car, or better yet, transport industry is opening countless new possibilities to old, established and also (even more) to new companies. Of course, here is Tesla, but there are many others from all around the world and even more are on the way. One of them a young but prosperous British company, called Zapp scooter, that have now presented their first project, i300.

I300 is recognizable on the first glance. After all, even if it is a motorized scooter, one might have been puzzled by its looks, as it looks like there is not enough room to fit any kind of motor in. There is, however one, hidden under the seat, that produces some 14 kilowatts of power and no less than 587 NM of torque on the rear wheel according to the factory. Thanks to this motor, i300 should do 0-50 kilometers per hour in 2,4 seconds, while the top speed is just a shy under 100 kilometers per hour. And thanks to two packs of lap-top sized battery packs, it should cover around 60 kilometers on a single charge.

And if performances are not enough for i300 to stand out from the crowd, there is (again) its design. Apart from the ‘open’ chassis, a list of six vivid colors are definitely going to help with bringing the attention. And to add more of your own personality into it, one is going to be able to customize the looks of it with custom grip and seat colors, diamond cut wheels, carbon fiber elements, accessory frames, carrier boxes and foot pegs. And for worry-less nights, dash cam and GPS tracking are available as options.

To buy a Zapp i300, company is asking 5,250 pounds in British market or 19 pounds a week if one chooses factory finance solution. And it is today, when they start receiving first orders, secured with 500-pound deposit. In the first year, the plan is to build 2.000 motorcycles, however, in just five years, this number should grow to 40.000. Will it happen? We shall see, let’s hope for the best.

Oct. 31, 2018 Driving photo: Newspress

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