At the 2016 LA Auto Show, Zelectric Motors showed some new, yet familiar-looking electric prototypes.


Based in San Diego, California, Zelectric Motors are on a mission to "outfit and zelectrify midcentury Volkswagen classics to go the distance in the 21st century." Perhaps you are already familiar with their ZelectricBug and ZelectricBus? At the 2016 LA Auto Show, Zelectric put on display two other electrified beauties from the past - one is a high-performance electric Porsche 911 prototype and the other one is a mesmerizing red electric Karmann Ghia prototype.

The 911 prototype – dubbed Zelectric911 – does comes with 130 hp experienced in the original car already as well as the original 5-speed manual transmission, however, all is not the same. The difference, of course, is 'the electric touch' represented by the 54-kWh battery pack (created from Tesla Model S cells) that enables an estimated range of 241 kilometers and maximum speeds of up to 241 km/h.

The other, seductively charming ZelectricGhia prototype is in fact the Karmann Ghia from 1969 that today boasts a fully electric powertrain with a custom 2-speed gearbox. Ghia's 36-kWh battery (also created from Tesla cells) allows for an estimated driving range of 225 kilometers.

For more information on the classics reborn, check Zelectric Motors website and Facebook.

Dec. 1, 2016 Driving photo: Zelectric Motors

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