Drive EV Power 83kW Battery Li-Ion, 24 kWh Electric range 160km

Drive PHEV Power 140kW Battery Li-Ion, 7.6 kWh Electric range 35km

Drive EV Power 107kW Battery Li-Ion, 23 kWh Electric range 162km

Drive HEV Power 88kW 0-100km/h 9.2s Battery Li-Ion, 1.4 kWh

Drive PHEV Power 146kW Battery Li-Ion, 6.7 kWh Electric range 21km

Drive EV Power 88kW Battery Li-Polymer, 28 kWh Electric range 250km

Drive HEV Power 104kW Battery Li-Ion, 1.56 kWh

Drive PHEV Power 45kW Battery Li-Polymer, 8.9 kWh Electric range 50km

Drive FCEV Power 100kW 0-100km/h 12.5s Battery Li-Polymer, 24 kWh Electric range 594km

Drive EV Power 150kW 0-100km/h 7.6s Battery Li-Polymer, 64 kWh Electric range 546km

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