Produced in small numbers just for the north american market Fiat 500e, instead of vivid petrol and disel engines, has a 83kW electric motor that allows him to be quick and eco friendly at the same time. 24 kWh lithium-ion battery allows him to reach up to 160 kilometers per charge.

Driveelectric (EV)
BatteryLi-Ion, 24 kWh
Electric range 160km
Charging Type 1 - 7.2kW, Type 2 - 7.2kW
Driveelectric (EV)
Voltage364 V
Capacity24 kWh
Wheelbase2300 cm
Length3545 mm
Width1625 mm
Height1490 mm
Trunk size200 l
Weight1355 kg
Maximum weightn.d.
Capabilities and range
Electric power83kW
Acceleration 0-100km/hn.d.
Top speed137 km/h
Electric range160 km
EC consumption and emissions2
EC electric consumptionn.d.
CO2 emissions0 g/km
Car connectors
Type 1
Charging station connectors
Type 1 - 7.2kW , Type 2 - 7.2kW

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