Honda Accord PHEV is based on one of the most popular passanger sedans in north american market. It's powertrain is combination of 2-liter petrol inline four engine and electric motor which takes it's power from 6,7 kWh lithium battery.

Driveplug-in hybrid (PHEV)
BatteryLi-Ion, 6.7 kWh
Electric range 21km
Driveplug-in hybrid (PHEV)
Capacity6.7 kWh
Wheelbase2775 cm
Length4860 mm
Width1850 mm
Height1465 mm
Trunk size245 l
Weight1725 kg
Maximum weightn.d.
Capabilities and range
Electric power124kW
Gasoline engine power102kW
System power146kW
Acceleration 0-100km/hn.d.
Top speedn.d.
Electric range21 km
Petrol/diesel rangen.d.
EC consumption and emissions2
EC electric consumptionn.d.
EC consumption petrol/diesel5.1 l/100km
CO2 emissionsn.d.

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