Can you imagine life without plastic? It's easier than you think! Follow these simple steps and help save the global problem.

1. Avoid buying over-packaged goods and items
Buy food in glass jars rather than plastic ones, buy boxes instead of bottles. As much as you can, shop in bulk. 

2. Don't drink bottled water
Use a reusable bottle or mug wherever you go. Plastic bottles are one of the top five most common types of litter found on beaches.

3. Say NO to straws
Stop using plastic straws, at your home and even in restaurants.

4. Give up gum
Did you know that gums are made of synthetic rubber?

5. Use your own, cloth shopping bag
A single plastic bag can take 1,000 years to degrade. When shopping, use reusable bag and don't forget to wash it often!

6. Wear clothing made of non-synthetic materials
100% cotton clothes hold up much longer than synthetic clothes; furthermore, natural fiber clothing is less toxic than the synthetic fiber one. When you need to do some laundry cleaning, use soap flakes, soap strips, or soap nuts instead of conventional laundry detergents. 

7. Avoid buying frozen foods
Frozen food packaging is mostly plastic. And don't forget, even those in cardboard are coated with a thin layer of plastic.

8. Upcycle 
Transform waste materials, useless or unwanted products into new materials. It's better to think of new uses for your old items than throwing them away just to buy new ones.

9. Use non-plastic containers
Pack your lunch in reusable containers and bags. Use wooden Bento box, or instead of buying juice in plastic bottles, make some delicious freshly squeezed juice. 

10. Educate your children
The future lies within the youth, so set a good example to your kids. 

Sept. 11, 2015 Living photo: Profimedia

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