Citywave makes surfing avalible to everyone, even far away from any ocean break.


Grab your board during lunch break, enjoy a refreshing surf session after an exhausting day at the office or spend your weekend ripping regardless of tide or weather conditions. This summer also in the center of Vienna. 

"The wave can be installed as a mobile or as a permanent unit. It can be integrated in shopping malls, water- and amusement parks, hotel complexes or work as a stand-alone facility to enrich the recreational prospects any municipality has to offer. The compact footprint of the units (14 meters x 20 meters up to 20 meters x 28 meters) allowes the installation of our product in various locations even if space is limited. Our system is designed to create every desierd wave size. We can build any wave from a 6 m wide installation up to a 16 m wide competition wave to fit your individual needs," said the team. 

You'll find a 3Citywave at Schwarzenbergplatz in Vienna. 

June 17, 2016 Living photo: 3CityWave

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