The major problem of 3D printers lies in the fact that they are usually too expensive for the majority of people to afford.

All this will change with Tiko 3D printer costing less than € 200 due to its smart construction. The creators have chosen the so-called "unibody" casing which is made of a single piece, and is therefore cheap to manufacture. In addition, the printing axes are fixed, eliminating the need for calibration. It is practically impossible to configure the printer incorrectly. Tiko can print objects with an accuracy of up to 50 microns.

Among other things, the engineers have designed their own electronic circuits and the deltoid shape and three arms that move as one and lead the printhead. Various materials, from plastics to nylon, can be used as a filler.

Tiko has a Wi-Fi access point, the software runs in the browser and is extremely easy to use. On top of this, with user's consent the printer is able to supervise its work and send the data back to the parent company.

Without filler, the Tiko printer weighs mere 1.7 kilograms. However, the best of all is its price. Only a $ 179 (approximately € 168) contribution was required for purchase on Kickstarter, where creators collected money for the project. Since they raised considerably more money than they were aiming for, serial production is only a matter of time.

May 24, 2015 Living photo: Tiko

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