From 8 February to 3 September 2017 London's Science Museum will explore the 500-year history of the metallic creations.


From the dawn of mechanised human forms to cutting-edge technology fresh from the lab, Robots reveals the astonishing 500-year quest to make machines human. Focusing on why they exist rather than on how they work, our blockbuster exhibition explores the ways robots mirror humanity and the insights they offer into our ambitions, desires and position in a rapidly changing world.

Robots takes you on an incredible journey spanning five centuries, illustrated with robotic artefacts from around the globe from a 16th century mechanised monk to some of film's most iconic robotic creations and the very latest humanoids.

From 8 February to 23 March 2017 there will be the incredible Silver Swan – on loan from the Bowes Museum in County Durham, you will see a replica of "Maria" from the film "Metropolis" and the original T-800 Endoskeleton robot used in the film "Terminator Salvation" and also Kaspar, with its mop of thick back hair and interactive features, which is designed to engage with children with autism and help them learn about communication.

Robots is open until 22.00 every Friday (last entry at 21.00) and also at Lates on the last Wednesday of each month, ticket price is £15 for adults.

Feb. 9, 2017 Living photo: Science Museum

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