S kartico Xtra Elite vam ne bo več primanjkovalo prostora.

There is never enough storage space on our clever little portable devices. Which is why the Californian company Microdia launched their new microSD Xtra Elite 512GB memory card at the Computex show in Taiwan.

For comparison, let us mention that SanDisk, one of the main players within the field, showed a 200GB memory card this March at the MWC exhibition. The new SXDC format allows for even larger storage capacity (up to 2TB), but 512GB was as much possible for now.

Naturally, the new Xtra Elite memory card will be expensive. Microdia expects a price of 1000 USD (900 EUR), but could not confirm it would not be more. They expect to start shipping in July this year. One 64GB memory card costs nowadays around 40 EUR, so it is a lot of money. Xtra Elite uses the UHS (Ultra High Speed) speed class for data transfer up to 300MB/s. Main target group are professional photographers who need huge storage capacity combined with high speed of transfer. If you buy an Extra Elite memory card make sure you take good care of it - microSD cards can disappear far too. 

June 10, 2015 Living photo: Microdia

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