When travelling and exploring the world, it's not very likely that you'll be terribly eager to check the local cemeteries. Unless you are a wee bit weird (nothing wrong with being weird, though). But there are in fact some final resting places you really ought to see - while you aren't taking the dirt nap yet.

Waverley, Australia (Sydney)
Joining the great majority on sunny cliffs Down Under (yes, pun intended). But better see the amazing ocean view first.

The Merry Cemetery, Romania (Sapanta)
Be careful what you're up and about in Sapanta. If you happen to kick the bucket there, the highlights of your life will be engraved on your tombstone - so no monkey business recommended. Hand-carved, colorful wooden crosses are full of (cheeky) stories and images of people lying underneath them.

Panteón Antiguo de Xoxocotlán, Mexico (Oaxaca)
This intriguing cemetery comes alive on 31 October every year, better known as the Day of the Dead. People come to commemorate their loved ones in a very lively, festive way. Despite the fact their living license has expired, the dead are offered plates full of their (once) favorite foods and even beverages that might make you feel a little tipsy. Dress up accordingly!

Highgate, Great Britain (London)
What makes this graveyard so special? It's where Karl Marx is buried six feet under. You know, that revolutionary guy who wrote The Communist Manifesto (1848) and Das Kapital (1867–1894). Graves and gothic tombs lie in an everlasting shade, overgrown with ivy and the seductive mystery of the dark times passed. 

Hollywood Forever, California (Los Angeles)
"Selfie" with a funky statue of the checked-out Johnny Ramone (you do know about the Ramones, right?) is one of the reasons to make a pit stop at the California-based cemetery. This is basically a very imaginative Encyclopedia of Dead Hollywood royalty. Everyone who is anyone in Hollywood's film industry, eventually finds his or her way here. So do many concert gigs and film screenings. George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead, anyone?

Neptune Memorial Reef, Florida (Key Biscayne)
An unforgettable diving experience, that's for sure. It'll make you feel like discovering the lost city of Atlantis. Ashes of people who met their maker are mixed together with concrete, creating lovely statues that welcome 'suspecting' divers. Lack of good taste? You be the judge of that. 

Cimetière du Père Lachaise, France (Paris)
The most visited cemetery in the world is definitely one that you shouldn't miss out on either. Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, Frederic Chopin, Marcel Proust... to name just a few of our favourites who saddled up the pale horse and found their peace at the Parisian cemetery. You can't miss their graves, as they are lavishly decorated with gifts and tokens of affection from their fans. Oscar Wilde's tomb, for example, is famous for being absolutely bombed with lipstick kisses.

South Park Street Cemetery, India (Kolkata)
Where everyone around you is dead as a dodo - come here to enjoy the peace and quiet, away from the insanely busy roads of India. To get some fresh air or to read a book. Just don't get scared off by the (otherwise really magnificent) mausoleums, crumbling in the wild tropical jungle.

Sept. 1, 2015 Living photo: Profimedia

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