Those who have tested the BeBionic hand say they would not switch it for anything.


Ottobock has expanded its product portfolio with a multi-articulated hand under a contract signed. The product being transferred from the British med-tech company Steeper to the Ottobock product range effective immediately is called bebionic. "With this expansion, we are continuing on our path of innovation as a technological leader", says Professor Hans Georg Näder, President of Ottobock HealthCare GmbH. The Duderstadt-based company is thus further strengthening its position as a market leader in arm prosthetics. At the same time, it offers a new segment for both the user and the technician, filling a gap in the product portfolio.

An artificial hand BeBionic, referred to by some as Terminator hand, which is the most precisely anatomically designed hand yet according to their data and the closest to a human hand as far as movement goes. For Nicky Ashwell, who was born without a hand, the small BeBionic made it possible for her to ride a bike for the first time, excercise with weights using both hand and similar things we take for granted.

It functions with the help of sensors that detect muscle movement. Microprocessors process the obtained information and give instruction, which move to make and which motor to power. The hand enables 14 different grip types.

The bionic hand small BeBionic is composed of 337 mechanic parts that mimic the natural movement of a human hand. In the production of BeBionic Formula 1 technolgy was used. The hand weighs 390 grams and can carry a load of up to 45 kg.

The price of the small BeBionic that was in development for 7 years is 11 thousand dollars. Those who have tested the hand say that it has become an intricate part of their everyday life and that they wouldn't change it for anything.

Bebionic will constitute a new highlight in the product range next to the Michelangelo Hand. While the Michelangelo Hand features various powerful grip types, the benefit of the bebionic hand lies in the diversity of gripping patterns such as separate control of the index finger.

May 26, 2017 Living photo: Steeper, BeBionic

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