Follwing a specific fan that looks nothing like a fan at all, Dyson has introduced a lamp called the CSYS Task Lamp, which is special because of its price, i.e. £400 or €544, and because of the fact that, according to the producer, it will last for 37 years.

The design of the table lamp is quite minimalistic and inspired by the construction crane lifts and drawing boards. The part that is parallel to the surface can be moved vertically or horizontally. The lamp has no switches, and the light is touch sensitive so that people can dim it easily, and the light even remembers the last lighting level.

Proper illumination is ensured by eight LEDS. In order to maximize their life-span and quality of light, the producer came up with a special cooling method, which effectively directs heat away from LEDS, thus extending their life-span. The producer has calculated that with a 12-hour daily use of the lamp at its maximum light, the lamp would last for 37 years. The lamp, however, only has a 2-year warranty period.

Jan. 3, 2016 Living photo: Dyson

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