Vladimir Tatarenko, an inventor from Kiev, Ukraine, unveiled his plans for a so-called "detachable cabin" – an invention that could save lives.


The inventor quoted ICAO, saying 8 percent of all accidents happen during takeoff, 21 percent during landing and 71 percent during flights. 75 percent of them happen because of human factor. It would be next to impossible to eliminate the human factor influence, but new, innovative engineering solutions could play a vital part in preventing deaths in the sky.

The aviation inventor Tatarenko Vladimir Nikolaevich, who worked on his project for three years, created patents for aircraft construction, which sees the separation of the enitre passenger cabin (capsule) from the rest of the aircraft in case of emergency. The emergency procedure would be deployed to save lives either during take off, mid-flight or landing to allow the cabin with the passengers to land safely on water or on the ground. Under the cabin the prototype also features a special place for all the luggage, so the passengers aren't left with nothing once they land.

The cabin is equipped with parachutes that open automatically once the lower capsule is detached from the plane. What happens with the pilots is another matter. Watch the video below to see the entire safety procedure.

Some people liked the idea, some did not, however the results of inventor's questionnaire show that 95 percent of people (taking part in his query) would be willing to buy a 15 percent more expensive ticket to have a chance at surviving if anything went wrong during their flight. Afterall, if the engines catch fire mid flight, getting out of the plane is a little tricky.

How about you? Do you think this could work or is it more possible that the mechanisms would fail and the cabin would get stuck?

Jan. 20, 2016 Living photo: Screenshot from Youtube/Vladimir Tatarenko

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