A Spanish modern-day fairytale home. 


The Casa del Ancantilado (House on the Cliff) stands in Spain, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It looks more like a very elaborate, high-end cave with incredible style and a roof, resembling dragon scales to top it all. 

As the dwelling, created by GilBartolome Architecture, is 'inserted' into the slope, it offers a very pleasant, all-year room temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, regulated by surrounding earth. The roof was made of handmade zinc tiles combined with gypsum plaster. The two-story dwelling's interior is white, protected with reinforced concrete. Also handmade was fiberglass and polyester-resin furniture, designed by the same architects. This home also comes complete with a cantilevered terrace and a swimming pool

Imagine throwing a party here!

March 16, 2016 Living photo: GilBartolomé Architects/Jesus Granada

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