When you think of a (stereo)typical Chinese restaurant, traditional colorfulness of Chinese-inspired iconography comes to mind, but this restaurant offers something a little different. 


A Hong Kong designer Nelson Chow gave traditional Chinese dining an entirely fresh look by mixing classic and contemporary styles. He created a refined, visually striking dining space that through its minimalism and clever sense of aesthetics simply oozes warmth and comfort. 'We embrace tradition, but interpret it in a new, modern, more casual way for a younger crowd,' explains Chow.

The walls of Pah Lok Chiu Chow Restaurant are covered with wood. The main dining area is filled with fishing-basket-like dining booths that offer some discretion, while stools resembling traditional drums surely catch your eye at the open-kitchen counter. The dining area is pleasantly in tune with subtle lines of the minimalist, sleek seating, while the beautiful and flattering soft light from suspended light fixtures embraces the restaurant.

A stress-free, quiet ambiance for you to enjoy your yummy noodles and soya beans more than ever before! Highly recommended.

Sept. 7, 2015 Living photo: Nelson Chow

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