izi.TRAVEL is an audio guide for citiy tours, museums and other cultural attractions. As you tour the city, just use available QR codes, NumPad and GPS to trigger the stories, so you do not miss a thing.

It is quite expensive to have a guide present at all times when traveling, but if you do not know any locals from the place you're visiting, then you might have a little problem. First you have to buy a guide book or rent one from the library, google a little bit and take notes with you. But there is also an app, which makes everything so much easier for you.

izi.TRAVEL is all about audio tours. Its advantage is one interface and lots of (audio) content for different countries all over the world. You can find city guides, museum guides, tour guides (storytelling)... And the best thing about is, it is available at no cost for iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms! Yey!

When content is downloaded, you can use the app offline, so no need to worry about roaming costs. Audio stories can also be triggered via QR codes, NumPad or GPS, so you can rest assured you haven't missed anything important. 

Creators of the app Iziteq are encouraging museums to offer free wifi and equip exhibits with QR codes, so visitors can easily access all the information.

Content is open-source, it can be created by locals, users, travelers, museums... anyone who is interested in contributing and sharing.

By the way: the app has been downloaded for more than one million times already!

Sept. 24, 2015 Living photo: Iziteq

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