A new milestone in creating electronic paper signs in large formats: the 32'' developement kit.

Visionect and E Ink® have launched a new system for creating large electronic paper signs: a development kit for designing 32'' digital signage solutions, supporting the largest single e-paper module in production and enabling the quickest way to a production-ready sign.

Developed in partnership with E Ink® Holdings, the 32'' development kit supports the largest single module e-paper display available, and is a turnkey solution for rapidly prototyping new digital signage products and quickly transitioning them to real end products. The kit is integrated with Visionect's software and hardware platform, developed specifically for large-scale epaper deployments.

The 32'' development kit is available in grayscale and color. Both kits support the driving of an LED based front light with an integrated ambient light sensor.

"The demand for epaper based signage solutions is growing at a rapid rate. The demand is created by the need for low power solutions that are easily deployed where they are needed, without the need to build out costly infrastructure." commented Matej Zalar, CEO of Visionect. "With the latest addition to our family of kit development products, we are able to support design requirements from small to large digital displays with turnkey solutions that greatly simplify the end product design."

The 32'' will be showcased for the first time at Digital Signage Expo 2016, taking place in Las Vegas March 15 –18, at E Ink's booth #2237.

March 17, 2016 Living photo: Visionect

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