How about a flowerpot that tells you exactly when your plant needs more water? How about a flowerpot that can water your plant for almost a month? Studio Lorier figured out an adorable, totally analog solution!

The Natural Balance is a self-watering flowerpot, equipped with a water reservoir, that feeds the plant gradually throughout the weeks. It requires no smartphones and no apps. Once the water the reservoir is empty, the pot tips over - just a little bit, to let you know that a refill is required. When you refill the reservoir, the flowerpot returns to its standard, upright position. The water slowly transfers into the soil via a water-permeable part (made of earthenware) that stands between the pot and the reservoir. The water can last for up to 28 days, but it all depends on the type of the plant you're using. 

The Natural Balance flowerpot is handcrafted by Studio Lorier, based in the Netherlands, and is available in Cool Grey, Mint Green, and Pastel Pink.

March 20, 2017 Living photo: Studio Lorier

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