With the weather warming up and flowers starting to bloom, it's time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors! If you're thinking about camping for Spring Break, this is must have.

Hydaway takes very little space when empty and folded.
Hydaway takes very little space when empty and folded.
Hydaway comes in six colors.
Hydaway comes in six colors.

Drinking water from plastic containers brings quite a few problems. Most of all, the space empty plastic containers and glass water bottles take, when they become refuse or rubbish.

Any such problem will quickly become a matter of the distant past once we have used HYDAWAY, the folding plastic container. Presented on Kickstarter, Hydaway garnered a lot of attention and acclaim, while it took only a few days for its designers to raise three times as much capital as they had initially asked for. Hydaway plastic containers are made out of silicon, while the cover and stopper are made out of environmentally-friendly plastic materials. Once empty, Hydaway folds away, like a concertino, into a small circular flat object, taking considerably less space than in its "normal" shape or form.

Two standard sizes and six colors are to become available, for now – 350ml and 600ml. The larger of the two is 15.2cm long and weighs 160 grams; the smaller one is just 10.2 long. Once folded, both sizes of the Hydaway have a 10.8cm diameter and are only 3.2mm thick.

May 14, 2017 Living photo: Hydaway

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