Capture stills and video of live to create professional lifestyle shoots without any camera crew. Even without a photographer.

Today, we're in a hurry. We always hurry to get things done as soon as possible, and even when we're done early, we're already too late. One of the latest inventions to make everything we want about fashion video and photography available and ready to be used as a finished product in a flash of flashes, is the the world's first 'smart studio', StyleShoots Live

Developers describe it as ''Instant. Magic.'' that offers "Fashion content so fast it's almost live." Everything easily and quickly created - high quality videos and stills (using a 4K capable Canon EOS 1DX Mk II embedded inside the machine), whatever you need, for any media channel you need. Photographs are created in JPG, PNG, TIFF and CR2 (in up to 20.2 MP resolution), while videos are shot in MP4 (in H.246 up to UHD resolution) and M4V (in H.264 up to UHD resolution).

The company's proprietary Style Engine™ technology with a smart, fully integrated robotic camera system will take care of everything, from cutting, aspect ratio, transitions, and fades to exporting your video in any format. All content is auto-edited and formatted, ready to be used instantly for e-commerce, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and signage. No post production required.

The entire procedure only requires two people. The model and the stylist. iPad Pro 12.9-inch is included in the bundle with the machine. As instructions go, to shoot, you simply follow the interface prompts based on your chosen style and the machine controls the motorized camera setup. Once you're done, all recorded footage is saved based on outfit for easy file management.

But where does that leave the creativeness and sheer genius of a fashion photographer? Is 'insta-life' really where we're heading?

Feb. 23, 2017 Living photo: StyleShoots Live

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