When it comes to energy and being self-sustainable, it's not at all uncommon anymore to see solar panels on people's homes, wind turbines, however, are still a rare sight. Perhaps because we tend to associate strong wind power with oceans and off-shore windfarms? 


The Archimedes, a Rotterdam-based company "built on the re-invented formulas, drawings and principles of Archimedes," is selling the Liam F1 Urban Wind Turbine - a small wind turbine with a diameter of 1,5 meters weighing about 100 kilograms. Being small and relatively light, it can be installed on almost every roof or wall. It's also very quiet and affordable. If you're looking for an even smaller one, check out Liam's little brother, the mini-Liam with a diameter of 75 cm, weighing 32 kilograms.

The turbine is made of three circular blades, wrapped around one another and then spread apart - a design that is partially based on Archimedes' screw pump. The idea is, according to developers, based on biomimicry, "the science and art of imitating the best organic ideas from nature to solve human problems." It generates up tp 2,500 kilowatts per year, at an average wind speed of 4,5 meters per second - and that is said to be a half of the power consumption of a common household in the Netherlands! 

Definitely something worth looking into, as installing one of these might save you a pretty penny!

See the little turbine in action in a video below.

March 15, 2016 Living photo: Archimedes

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