Usually, we read about threehouses - you know, the wooden ones that are built way up in the trees, the ones the kids love to play in. This time, however, you are invited to visit a glass house, built around a tree! 


So, if you like the treehouse concept, but don't wish to give up the perks of living in an urban environment, this solution is rather perfect! The Kazakh architect Aibek Almassov from A.Masow Architects Design Studio created a sustainable house appropriately named "Tree in the House" that "will change the future" of living.

What makes it so special (apart from the fact that it's transparent and has a humoungus tree growing right in the middle of it), is that is completely independent. It requires no connection to the urban environment in order to function, meaning it's perfectly capable of providing its own electricity, heat and water without harming the environment.

The vertical concept home has four ring-shaped floors, connected by a winding white staircase, and offers a 360-degree-view of its forest setting. The architect envisioned a mature fir tree as the possible centerpiece of this structure.

Almassov told Dezeen: "The main purpose of this project is to offer an alternative to the bustle of city life.This is an opportunity to escape from the sweltering concrete boxes and feel the present unity with nature."

With the glazed walls and roof, this is not a house for the bashful. Mind you, even the shower cubicle is made of glass! 

April 14, 2016 Living photo: A.Masow Architects

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