Chris Bertish from South Africa crossed the great Atlantic Ocean all on his own, making the journey on a stand-up paddle board.


Chris Bertish, 42, is a former surf instructor and a thrill-seeker who wanted to be the first person to SUP across the Atlantic. And he made it! On his own and unsupported for 93 days (initially, 120 days were planned), 4050 NM (7500 km), 2,000,880 strokes of his paddle, his unique adventure took him all the way from Agadir, Morocco, where the journey started on December 6, 2016 to Antigua, Leeward Islands.

The deck of the craft, created by a renowned naval architect, Phil Morrison, has four ports, where Chris was able to store all of his freeze dried meals. Additionally, he could store 50 liters of emergency water. The paddle board is a little under 20 ft/ 6m in length and - if fully loaded - weighs approximately 1,350 lbs/600 kilos.

For charity, he paddled across the Atlantic on a SUP and his #TheSupCrossing expedition certainly attracted a lot of devoted followers from all over the world who tracked him live. He has partnered with a group of corporate sponsors, that have committed a huge amount to this project, which is going to be used - according to Bertish's website - "to build at least five schools in some of the poorest regions of (South) Africa through Signature of Hope, to establish an annuity that will provide a monthly dividend to feed and educate thousands of children in conjunction with The Lunchbox Fund, and to establish an annuity that will provide a monthly dividend to pay for life-changing cleft lip and palate surgeries for children born with this facial defect through Operation Smile."

It was a wilde ride and for a very good cause! Congratulations!

About his incredible journey, an amazing documentary was made as well, called Chasing the sun.

March 17, 2017 Living photo: Profimedia

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