Floating exclusiveness - need we say more?

AB Celestial is a US made luxury fine dining 3 tier yacht, offering a continental restaurant, a banquet hall, a luxe sky lounge bar and a 24-hour coffee shop located at the Bandra-Worli Jetty.

AB in 'AB Celestial' is short for Aishwarya Bhende, the owner of the luxury yacht. At a fairly young age for such a successful entrepreneur (she is only 21 years old), the owner is also the designer of the astonishing interiros. But it's not only the inside extravaganzza that makes us want to book a room, it's also what the yacht offers on deck. Just by looking at it, you can almost feel how relaxing and plain wonderful it must be to sip coctails on the sky deck, enjoying the fantastic view of the city of Mumbai. 

AB Celestial can accept up to 660 guests, aiming mostly at foreign tourists as another wonderful city attraction, fondly dubbed floatel.

You can follow the floating tourist heaven on Instagram or Facebook.

May 29, 2017 Living photo: AB Celestial/via Facebook

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