Whenever we think of a holiday in a trailer, memories of uncomfortable beds and cramped, far too narrow, badly equipped interior spring to mind. Thankfully, all this can be forgotten in case you chose to live in Airstream trailers.


Within an Airstream, everything becomes pure luxury. Dining room, bedroom, bathroom...everything you will ever need to make your life on the road (or at a camping site) a joy. Tradition that has consistently taken care of technological and design improvements since 1931, will convince you to embark on an adventure that is waiting for you just around the next turn of the road.

Stylish and complete comfort on wheels, choices of a different view every morning combined with total freedom to stop wherever you may wish to do so, have, however, their price. Which is, of course, dependent on the trailer model (six to choose from) and interior materials where even...you will not believe this, bedding can make a difference. Rolling in finest silk does cost. Prices for the smallest model start in the region of US$42000. It is, however, highly unlikely that Bambi (which is how the smallest one is called) would make you happy...

May 17, 2015 Living photo: Airstream

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