Alfa Romeo launched its new Giulia sports sedan during the Expo Milano 2015 in addition to celebrating its 105-year anniversary by opening its historical museum in Arese, Milan, Italy to the public; the museum is officially named "La macchina del tempo - Museo storico Alfa Romeo" or "The Time Machine - The History Museum of Alfa Romeo". 


The core of the museum is a genuine "brand centre", which hosts a bookshop, café, documentation centre, test drive track, events venues and a show-room with a customer delivery area, perfectly intertwining the past, present and future.

The display exhibits 69 models which most marked not just the development of the brand, but the very history of the automobile itself. From the very first A.L.F.A. car, the 24 HP, to the legendary Mille Miglia winners such as the 6C 1750 Gran Sport driven by Tazio Nuvolari, the 8C coachbuilt by Touring and the Gran Premio 159 "Alfetta 159" world Formula 1 winner driven by Juan Manuel Fangio; from the Giulietta, iconic 1950s car, to the Championship 33 TT 12.

The exhibition will take you through three essential stages or principles, each presented on its own floor: Timeline, which represents industrial continuity; Beauty, which teams style with design; Speed, summing up technology and light weight. Timeline occupies the entire first floor, with a selection of 19 cars which best represent the development of the brand, each accompanied by a multimedia information panel. Among many others, one of the most interesting parts of the museum is the "Tempio delle vittorie" (Temple of Victories), a room where a show of pictures, sounds and film footage presents the 10 biggest triumphs in the history of Alfa Romeo.The journey through the legend ends with a playful and spectacular finale, a 360° virtual reality film footage, and a full-immersion room where visitors sit in interactive armchairs and watch 4D films about the legendary successes of Alfa Romeo.

The museum is set to open to the public on 30th June and it will be open to visitors every day, except Tuesdays, from 10 am to 6 pm, with extended opening hours until 10 pm on Thursdays. For more information please visit

June 30, 2015 Living photo: Alfa Romeo

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