After seven years he succeeded with the incredible snapshot of nature.

For seven years Greg McCown, a photography enthusiast from Arizona, has been trying to capture the unlikely game of nature – lightning and rainbow in a single picture. He finally succeeded.

The photo was taken near the small town of Marana while he was chasing the rainbow with his camera. "After getting caught in a heavy storm while out with some friends, I noticed a rainbow and started driving toward it to find a clear scene that was free of telephone poles and other distractions. I wanted to capture the moment as the storm was fading away and then it happened," said McCown for PetaPixel.

 The photo was taken with a Nikon D600 camera, Nikkor 28-80mm lens. McCown also revealed the settings: f/8, ISO 50, 1/125 and 28mm. "Very little processing was needed in post-production. This photo really didn't need much," said the proud photographer, who sells the photos on his website.

Aug. 13, 2015 Living photo: Greg McCown

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