In the middle of Amazon's campus a very special greenhouse is rising. It is a huge, 90-foot futuristic glass biodome, expanded by two smaller ones on the side. The domes are called the Spheres and are set to become home of more than 40,000 individual plants. 

Once completed, they will house 450 species of plants and offer Amazon employees a place for relaxation and work activities. The astonishing architecture is part of the on-going hype, picked up but many high tech companies, trying to express themselves and their core values through construction, care for their employees and sustainability. Remember Apple's circle-shaped spaceship-like campus in Silicon Valley?

The 40,000 plants - the first of which to enter the new home was the Australian tree fern - inhabiting the Spheres will help create a one of a kind botanical garden with exotic varieties, which are to be not only admired, but also preserved, observed, and learned from.

The glass Spheres in Amazon's new downtown Seattle headquarters, the 500-foot-tall Doppler building at the corner of Lenora Street and Sixth Avenue, will be completed in 2018.

Check the videos below to see what the domes will look like once finished and how the students, one of the first visitors of a grand work in progress, reacted to the Spheres.

May 12, 2017 Living photo:

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